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Only €169,- a Course

 These are the 'How-To Paint' Mini-Courses 

Inspiring How-To Videos & Demos Created to Elevate Your Painting Results!

For Indoor and Outdoor Landscape/Seascape Painters. There are 4 different Mini-Courses. Each contain about 10 videos specific to each topic. You can start viewing these right away:

Free Resources
& Tools for the job

It will take time before you've collected all of the gear and found the materials, found the subject matter that really suits You. So, although I can share with you my systems and the things I find important in painting, the tools I use, you can investigate various tools, options and ways that really suit you and your art. You've asked me about my materials, so here this overview is: TOOLS.

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    This is a Painting Training platform by me, Roos Schuring.
    Here I offer Videos, Courses & Books for Painters.
    More about me:  Find my Blog here | Vlog here

More Online Painting Courses

Best price until Nov. 29 €475,- € 375,- 

 These are 2 Maxi-Courses 

Inspiring How-To Videos & Demos Created to Elevate Your Painting Results! To Problem Solve and to Make You More Comfortable In Painting.

For Indoor and Outdoor Landscape and Floral Painters. Each contain about 20++ videos specific to each topic. A lot of Problem Solving Videos as well. This is MAXI. Designed for Painting Progress on all levels: Harmony, Looseness, Color, Light & Atmosphere, Knife & Brush. You can start viewing these right away:

Other Courses

 The Art Business Course 

This is the Business Course For Artists who Want to Create a Sustainable Living Independent from Gallery Sales. Take Control:

You can start this course right away / selfstudy:


This is the Book, in Print, Audio and Video, extra options available. 

You can start this course or get audio/video access to the book right away / selfstudy:


If you like my paintings you might like to see, hear and view how I create these, you'll find answers to your questions, solutions to problems, Info, Demos and examples about Colors, the Gear, the use of Light, Atmosphere, Perspective, Movement, Brushwork, it's all included in the Videos, the Mini & Maxi Courses, in the Beach MasterClass in Holland and in PleinairMastery. Enjoy!


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Progress Makes Happy Painters!

My motivation is to inspire and motivate You, so you can get the most out of your talent & practice. Thanks for your reviews!


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