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NEWS - Start 2024

I'm starting this year with a 'work-together' opportunity for you, we'll be painting Flowers! Starts JAN 20

I'm offering my TIPS and IDEAS, suggestions via visual feedback on your work in this first month of 2024.
What better subject than FLOWERS to start this year with a brush in hand, while outside it's grey and wet.
It could be a good stimulation to have our meetings online as an extra push to PRODUCE!
And all you need is a flower and a glass/vase to get started.
I priced this very low to make it a 'no-brainer' to join, have fun painting flowers, to learn a lot, to see how COLOR & LIGHT 'fixes' change everything in this subject.
Color your new year with FLOWERS!
More info & Joining is here

You might enjoy seeing a lot of DEMOS from 30 different Pleinair painters!
Then you'll like PLEINAIRLIVE.
I am painting this seascape and you can watch and paint along.
Go here, https://pleinairlive.com/2024 to read about the online event

Use code SCHURING at checkout for a 10% discount at that website

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  • Roos Schuring:
    “Proceed and Persist!”

    “I fumbled in painting for many years. Therefore I know this to be true: Painting Is Not A Skill You’re ‘Just Born With’, but practice & deliberate effort is the door to mastery.
    A lot of artists give up way too soon. Mastery will be your reward for Sticking With It!
    The same goes for outdoor painting. Put in the time and it will be easier and more fun with time.
    Trust the Process!"

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On this current blog you'll be able to find a lot of paintings including the scene pics, palettes and with creation stories / inspiration / tips added. It's here


Vlogs from the scene, you might like to view these videos here. If you're curious about me, find the About page here







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