A Better Art Business
in 120 Days

Gone Are The Days Where We Can Rely On Gallery Sales To Make Ends Meet.  A Lot Of Galleries Are Closed OR Sales Have Dropped.  

I've warned artists about this dependency for a VERY long time. Now that the s*ht has hit the fan:

The Solution Is To Create Control.

You'll Need To Make A Better Living From Your Art Yourself:
You Can →Create →Optimize and →Improve 
 Your Art Business! 

In This Course I Show You How I Do This And I Offer Practical Tips & Tricks To Create More Revenue.


Price  € 375,-

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120 Days To A Better Art Business:

This Is About

In short: I'm offering a 120-day program that contains 48 videos that teaches you How-to Create, Improve and Optimise Your Art Business! 

So You Can Be Increasing Your Successes: Resulting in A) More $$ Results B) A Bigger Legacy

This Course is Geared towards Implementation. All facets help you to actually Put The Ideas Into Reality. 'Knowing' is great. But it won't make the Difference. Implementation will. This Course will Help you to Get Stuff Done.

  • This is the SELF STUDY option
  • SELF STUDY: Includes 2x [your website+social] Reviews in video format - and no meetings
  • The 120 Days (4 Months: 4 Modules) will guide you and push you along
  • Homework = Action steps are provided, you'll know What to create and When
  • You can ask your Questions below the Videos to get these Answered 
  • The total access time to this course is 2 years
  • View the video on this page to see this Course on the inside and its contents!

It's certainly NOT Luck that will make your situation in Art Better, it's Much more Simple than that: It's NOT about the superduper QUALITY of your WORK, yet most Artists think it's so. Because when this would be True: All Great Artists would have LOTS of Collectors & BIG Bank Accounts, which we all know, isn't so.

Turning Little Sales and Little Success Into Something BETTER:

It's ABOUT BUILDING the Systems, which have their RESULTS. It's just action, reaction. Cause & Effect. Learn the Ways & Put it in Motion!

It's a Choice. And it can Influence a lot. Not only will you be able to Attract More People to your Art, and be able to Sell More Art, it's also true, with more Success, You'll Grow Inside, You'll Feel More Positive about Yourself & Your Art.

Start Now and Be Better Off Before Christmas is here!

This Course
How-to Parts:

HOW TO ■ Optimise Your Imagery, Titling and Inventory
HOW TO ■ Optimise All First impressions,
All Branding and
■ Your Website
HOW TO ■ Create A Web Shop 
That Does Sell While You Sleep
HOW TO ■ Attract More Students & Collectors

HOW TO ■ Create New Must-Have Products

HOW TO ■ WOW Your Buyers and Collectors

HOW TO  ■ Create Special Promotions

HOW TO ■ Use Call To Actions and ■ Ask For Sales Without Annoying Your Audience

HOW TO ■ Create a Newsletter People Want to Open and Read

■ Collecting Email Subscribers Faster

HOW TO ■ Be Blogging The Right Way (Creating Conversions)

HOW TO ■ Do Social- The Right Way (Creating Conversions)

HOW TO ■ Pricing Strategies

HOW TO ■ Art Marketing Strategies

HOW TO ■ Social Strategies

HOW TO ■ Understand and Use the Numbers

HOW TO ■ Make Use of Video to Maximise all Growth and Impact

Roos Schuring:

"I had to make it work."

"Ever since I started my family I got serious about the business side of art.

I had to make it work. I couldn't wait for my galleries to sell enough so I decided to learn everything there is to learn about 1) running a business 2) how-to sell anything 3) building systems to attract customers. And so my future in art became brighter since. 

I had put in the time, effort and money and created a business independent from resellers, independent from galleries, critics and the total art-world. Pretty nice! The world today makes it possible for any motivated artist to succeed this way. Go and build your foundation today!"

I'm Happy to Meet you on the inside, to share with you all I've learned and to share the things that work Today!"
- Roos Schuring

Let's Do This!

Ready to get started?

 Price € 375,-


120 Days To A Better Art Business

I care about artists, because I'm one myself, and because most of my interaction and teaching involves artists. I feel I know artists best.

Artists have long been very solely dependent on galleries. But since the start of the Internet + Social Media, any artist can create his/her Own Living From Art. This is the first time in history we're Free to Create this kind of Success Ourselves.

Of Course: Everything that a good gallery owner or reseller does, you'll have to do yourself, plus the online part needs a lot of dedication. And this will take Work!

If you're not afraid to work for it and you have time to study this, and you want Better results, financially and on the legacy side: this is for you!

4 Modules - 48 Videos ■ Learn all ins and outs  ■ What Works Today
■ You'll also get 2 reviews in video format with this SELF STUDY option
(Takes place at the end of Module 2 and 4).

€ 375,-

Price in Euros. How much is this in US Dollar?
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Here's what some of you said after joining this course

"I have learnt a great deal from your course, I have my website running really well now and have been getting a lot more sales. Sometimes I have felt like giving up but I keep going because of you and your success, you inspire me to keep going, also you tell us not to give up, so I m not going to, Im pushing through all my barriers. Thanks so much for your help." 
"I think this course is great and it is exactly what I need at this point."
"Wanted to say how much I am finding this course useful. Really practical and I love the "get it done" attitude."
"Thank you so much for the entire package. Well worth the money and great value."
"There's too much to say about my feelings regarding "marketing", but I have also come to realize that I can't go on stacking my paintings in the garage and pretending I don't care. Time to get to work. (...)
I am so glad I signed up for your Course! You have done an incredible job. I can't believe how thorough it is."
"Loving your course and learning a lot. Time to brand myself and (...)"
"I have learned so much from the whole course and I am excited to start implementing the changes. The audit was great, and once again I value your no BS approach, it's very refreshing."
"On Friday I reorganized my price list and figured out financial targets; on Saturday, I made an overall plan and outlined my blog topics for basically for the next year. Also resurrected my blog and built the bones of a new website. Your videos and steps are packed with great information, it's fun!"
"Your online course "kicks ass". (...) Let me just say that this is "The Real Deal" - the actual blue print in setting up your own website, including the marketing strategies that are essential for financial success."
"I am recommending this course to my students and a few look like they will be jumping aboard and signing up. Thanks Rose for giving me the means to dream the dream and do the work. I think you have done a fantastic job on the ABS, I will benefit greatly from it, I know."
"I am loving it so far, other courses tell you bits and pieces of what you can do.....You are telling me HOW to do it and this makes all the difference. I feel like you really care and I love the "Lets get down to Business"!!"
"I'm loving the content of the course. Very useful things to focus on.
The information is in the videos is great. Its nice to feel part of the class. I feel pleased that I bought the course and I think what you are sharing has real value to me as an 'alright artist but not so good entrepreneur'! "
"Just a note to say I LOVE this course!! I love the hardworking! Its not at all coming easy to me, but it is coming!! I do make progress in understanding the tasks, thats the beauty of it. Thank you!"
"I loved module one! I’ve learned so much, already!!
Thanks for all of your insight so far. I am taking tons of notes,
Thanks again, this is a great class and I’m so glad I signed up!"