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I fumbled in Painting for many years. Therefore I know this to be True: Painting Is Not A Skill You're "Just Born With", but Practice & Deliberate Effort Is The Door To Mastery.
My Painting Courses Are Created To Help You Master Painting Faster. A Lot of Artists Give up Way Too Soon. Mastery Will Be Your Reward For Sticking With It!


Who is Roos Schuring?

  • She's an Outdoor Painter living in the Netherlands, 'Famous' for her 'No Fear' approach to All-Weather Outdoor Painting

    All weather delivers Beautiful Changing Moments, especially in bad weather one can get surprised with The Most Incredible Moments a painter can ever witness in Nature!

    "And then it's a matter of 'Catching it' or failing to capture it and trying again another time!"

     "Study Nature! Love Nature. Take More Risks in Painting!

    Experiment! & Always 'defy' the 'rules' in Painting, because it will make you Find your Unique voice. There are NO rules. There's Time. And There's Practice."


Most Proud of... my children and my book: 'PLEINAIRMASTERY Painting in Flow of the Moment' 






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Are You a Landscape Painter and you want to get inspired with video?
I recommend you take a look at my most popular Painting Courses I've created for you:

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