Watch the Full Process As I Paint Cows & Landscape

A Painting Demonstration by Roos Schuring

1 Hour - A to Z Instructional Video - "A Course on its own!"

Painting Cows & Landscape Outdoors 

• 1-Hour Painting Demo (Outdoors)

• Full A/Z Demo by Roos Schuring

• Tips, Materials, Process

• Tutorial Style & In English

• Online Access  - 3 years

EXTRA: This is a magazine format with the takeaways in text and imagery. This is sent to you by mail.

Get Inspired!

This is a painting demonstration designed to be packed with Tips, Takeaways and Insights for you. It feels like a course. (All tips have been put in a magazine that's included.)

Created so that you'll feel confident in creating your own Landscapes with Cows

This Demo is about How to Start, How to Paint Objects Simplified, like trees and cows, grass, water, water lilies. How to end with a Harmonious painting.

This Demo answers Questions, such as "What to do when you feel something is wrong, and you want to start over?": mid way into the recording I'll have a scraper!

It answers Questions such as: "What Colors Should I Use For Trees, Grass, Cows?" "How to Paint Moving Cows?""How to Get A Believable Sky in, Believable Perspective?" "How Can You Paint Something Abstract and Still have it Feel Real?"

And there's much more! This demo is not 'Just a movie': it can change How You Paint and the Freedom you can have in this. I'm glad it resonated well with the artists who experienced it!

It's About Color, Light, Atmosphere, Perspective, Movement, Brushwork, Knife handling, and Composition, it's all included in this demo. Enjoy!

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It's not a course, it's a single recording.

It has all tutorial qualities, I take you through all steps, equipment, colors and materials.

The (Mini & Maxi) Courses you can find in an overview here

Both! Each will notice different things.

I think you'll enjoy it.


Yes, there's also a Mini-Course on Painting Cows in Landscape. This goes over all aspects involved. AND this very demo you can also find included in this Cows Mini Course here 🐄

Painting & Teaching

You can find an overview of all demos and courses here.


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