Paint The Sun On The Beach!

Get Inspired And Motivated: Watch the new demos and/or come paint the sun with me on the beach of Holland!

Painting Demonstrations by Roos Schuring, Teaching & Takeaways!
195 min.



€ 175
3 yrs access to demos

  • Video Demos & Teaching 195 min.

  • How-to / Steps / Materials

  • Self Study

    Use the videos to implement the ideas on the beach.

€ 400
3 yrs access to demos
+ JOIN ME ON THE BEACH APRIL 29 + 30 + MAY 1 + 2 (+3) - 2024

  • Video Demos & Teaching 195 min.

  • How-to / Steps / Materials

  • In-Person Teaching on the Beach of Katwijk/Holland: 4 Evenings: APRIL 29 + 30 MAY 1 2 (3)  - 2024  From 7 - 9.30 (9:45) PM -  And 3x Live Demo 7.10-7.30 PM included.

    You bring your gear, and either drive back/forth or you rent a B&B nearby.
    These are at walking distance as Katwijk is suited for tourism. There's also a camping place at walking distance.

    We'll meet on the Boulevard. After joining you get the maps to make sure you know where to go. Limited spots. If we would have rain, an extra day would be May 3.


The Online Video Contents

♦ The videos demonstrate and teach about How-to paint the sunset (standing on the beach with the easel). How to start. When to start. Using layers yet 'paint in 1 go', how-to work with time, how to prep (knowing change), colors, color tricks, faster painting, shifting with time?, how-to paint water/sand in sunset time, and what can these colors be? Working with brush & palette knife, and more.

♦ If you're looking for general instruction, painting the sun, sunrise, sunset and general information about how to paint this, then you might be more interested in the How-to course 'Painting the Sun'. That's here. This course that I offer here is specific about sunset + beach

 Here you see the contents of this course:


Your online access lasts for a minimum of 3 years. 

You can use all materials that suit you. My teaching & demos show working with oil paints. 

- In the 'in-person-on the beach' you can choose oil paints or acrylics or watercolor, though I recommend oil paints for outdoor painting. In Summer your acrylics would dry quickly in sun/wind/heat, oil paints stay 'wet' which has benefits.

Both! Each will notice and (therefore) incorporate different things.

This is created to get you to paint on the beach and paint the sun also.

The videos show how you can get to an outcome in the limited time you'll have standing on the beach.


You can join the beach class in-person in Holland when you've never painted a seascape before. The in-person training is equipped for all levels in development. You do have to watch the videos beforehand, that will help you already.

Yes. When you've joined the 'sunset on the beach' class in Holland you'll get an email with the exact location, with a map (Katwijk aan Zee / Boulevard) and the materials list is in the online course section that you also get. 

(You can book a B&B nearby or take your car.)

As an outdoor painter I will always recommend outdoor painting.

But if you cannot get to a beach near you, you can't take a holiday to one, you might have to work from photos.
And you are of course free to do so.

It's always easier to paint from life, so I hope you will (or at least start!)

Yes, there are 2 courses about painting on the beach and painting Seascapes. There's a Course 'Seascape Beginner' here 🐚 and there's a Maxi-Course 'Mastering Summer Seascapes' here 🏖️

There's also a (general/not specific on the beach) course that's about all aspects about Painting The Sun, Sunrise, Sunset here

What Will YOU Create?

What will you paint?

♦ The sun is different every day. And there can be clouds, birds, figures, swimmers, even a rainy day can deliver THE BEST SUNSCAPES in the evening!

♦ Join me and CREATE!

♦ August is a great month for this. Because it's still warm, the vibe is happy. The golden hour starts at 8.

♦ We'll set up at 7. Then, the sun sets (often red!) at 9.20 and we can finish the painting in the light that's still there after sunrise.

♦ Then we say goodbye and meet the next day again.

Paint the Sun!

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10 Steps - Sunset

Here’s a PDF about How I Paint my Sunsets at the Beach.
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Watch the video

There's a timelapse video showing this process. You can watch it here (bottom of that page)


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