100 Seascapes

New Book '100 Seascapes, Sky, Clouds & Light'  -  100 Paintings bundled in a hardcover book. Paintings by Roos Schuring. 121 Pages, 21x21 cm. View the video below for a contents impression!

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'PleinairMastery - Painting in Flow of the Moment' by Roos Schuring

An Inspiring Guide for Landscape Painters

This is Painting Theory, Examples, Lots of Inspiration in a Book. Most Important Takeaways from 30 Years of Professional Painting Experience and 10 Years Teaching Landscape Painting, An Exciting Read! Audio and other options available.


..., and am enjoying each chapter!

Your book is so’s like the bible of plein air painting

beautiful book and the illustrations are fabulous quality very inspriring

love the book and the audio. I am new to plainair and new to palette knives as well. My work this week has been really appalling and I would have packed up my paints and given up if it weren’t for your first three chapters.

I am viewing it now, It’s so great and really encourages me

You captivate the spirit in painting not just the mechanical approach. Extremely excited!


Proceed & Persist!

Roos Schuring: "I fumbled in Painting for many years. Therefore I know this to be True: Painting Is Not A Skill You're "Just Born With", but Practice & Deliberate Effort Is The Door To Mastery.
My Painting Courses Are Created To Help You Master Painting Faster. A Lot of Artists Give up Way Too Soon. Mastery Will Be Your Reward For Sticking With It!"

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