Daily Painting 2023

 A Project - 'Finding beauty daily' 
 Paintings from life by Roos Schuring 

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29. White Rose - Little Light

Feb 26, 2023

Learning All The Time.

You can hardly ever repeat a subject the exact way you painted it before. Here I wanted to paint the little light again,...

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27. Dark and Light - Rose

Feb 23, 2023

No Lamps.

This was a fun subject.
If you have objects in your room and indirect light on a grey day you can get these situations, values being most...

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25. Pink White Rose

Feb 18, 2023

On its way out.

When you're doing such a project you'll have 'subjects' placed all over the place. Vases, jars, flowers, fruits, backgrounds...

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24. White Rose Aura

Feb 17, 2023


Isn't painting always about light? Yes it probably is for (us) most landscape painters, portraitists, still life painters, but it's great to...

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23. White Rose

Feb 13, 2023

Shorter Paths?

This white rose took forever to paint. Still searching for the right approach when it comes to roses. Perhaps next time I'll focus...

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21. Pink Rose

Feb 10, 2023


I almost called this 'Spring', because that feeling came into it. Also, I took a branch of some blossoms, maybe they did that.

It's the...

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20. Rose Light

Feb 08, 2023

All Petals In?

Roses won't ever be boring to paint.
You can go from overcomplicating it to trying to simplifying it. And colors, shadows,...

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11. Red Rose Lotus

Jan 18, 2023

Centered Beauty.

Here again a red rose, so different, hence the title 'Lotus'.

It's the same (burgundy colored) rose. When the light is not on it...

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10. Red Rose

Jan 17, 2023


I am really looking forward to Spring doing these flowers. There is so much coming.

Roses can be painted in so many ways. Harsh contrasts,...

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9. Red Rose

Jan 16, 2023

Yay Red!

I went to the garden-center and got me a rose. 
You can even order these online, they can (even) come in a box: flat: mailbox size,...

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