Daily Painting 2023

 A Project - 'Finding beauty daily' 
 Paintings from life by Roos Schuring 

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32. Red Tulip

Mar 04, 2023

Queen of Bulbs.

Tulips belong to my favorites too. Though it often draws you into wanting every petal perfect.
Keep it simple.

And lighting is key -...

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14. Amaryllis

Jan 26, 2023


How sunny color choices have such an impact! Of course, a natural palette is as nice as a saturated one, in this case, it's a combination,...

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13. Amaryllis

Jan 23, 2023

Big Flowers.

Big flowers can be great to paint, the Amaryllis, you can paint it as it is, with the big 3 flowers on a long stem, fitting a big...

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11. Red Rose Lotus

Jan 18, 2023

Centered Beauty.

Here again a red rose, so different, hence the title 'Lotus'.

It's the same (burgundy colored) rose. When the light is not on it...

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10. Red Rose

Jan 17, 2023


I am really looking forward to Spring doing these flowers. There is so much coming.

Roses can be painted in so many ways. Harsh contrasts,...

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9. Red Rose

Jan 16, 2023

Yay Red!

I went to the garden-center and got me a rose. 
You can even order these online, they can (even) come in a box: flat: mailbox size,...

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