Daily Painting 2023

 A Project - 'Finding beauty daily' 
 Paintings from life by Roos Schuring 

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38. Crocus

Mar 19, 2023

24 Hours.

Crocuses won't last long. If you pick them you probably have to paint them the same day to make sure it looks fresh. The warmer the room,...

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37. Tulip Parakeet

Mar 18, 2023


Look what I found in the flower store, a parakeet tulip! (Famous in the 17th century here.)

That's special and I am still waiting...

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35. Crocuses

Mar 16, 2023

Silky, Whites & Greys.

This is a few days after the previous crocus painting, the crocuses opened to the extreme, almost not looking like...

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34. Crocus

Mar 11, 2023

Pick & Paint.

When you pick a crocus outside and you put it in water it will only live for a few days. And the light will open the petals and...

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33. Hyacinth in Backlight

Mar 07, 2023

Later: to the fields!

I haven't painted the pink one, nor the white one. And I found new purples ones popping up in the garden. Yes, nature is...

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32. Red Tulip

Mar 04, 2023

Queen of Bulbs.

Tulips belong to my favorites too. Though it often draws you into wanting every petal perfect.
Keep it simple.

And lighting is key -...

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31. Blue Hyacinth

Mar 03, 2023

Value Comparison.

I think I made a tiny mistake by having the glass-shadow so dark and it not returning anywhere else. Yes. We can be paying...

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30. Blue Hyacinth

Mar 02, 2023

Blue & Purple.

They started out so bright blue, and those who pay close attention will know, the blue hyacinths turn purple and later to white...

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28. Narcissus - Reverence

Feb 25, 2023


I think it's normal that you feel like a toddler when you put the first paints on. It is still flat, 2D, perhaps simple, ugly even.

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26. Crocus Sentiment

Feb 19, 2023

Every Year.

Every year I paint the Crocus. Normally it's the first flower I paint, but now, with this project, the flower painting muscles are...

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