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Which Colors Did you Use?

Color List & Video + PDF

I've put together this page to answer your FAQs about Colors and Materials.

Watch this Video

Oil Paints  Rembrandt + Van Gogh White - No Spirits (more about this below the video)


Traveling Light & Having Everything You Need

I made a selection of colors that I took to our holiday destination. Just 11 Colors and White. I also brought my Mabef #23 Picolo Easel, Palette, Brushes, Palette Knife and Canvas Panels. I couldn't bring White Spirit that I normaly use to clean the brushes with while painting. I know I had to forgo this there. So I did bring enough cloth to wipe off paints from the brushes to be able to paint in oils without any spirits. The video shows some of the paintings and talks about each tube. Get the PDF here below. 

Here's the Color List Download

In it you'll find the tube numbers in a row, more text about why I chose these, some examples of different color combinations for different paintings and more info!

  If you like more text with these paintings: I'm blogging about painting sessions at here.

  If you are a Landscape/Seascape Painter: you might like to take a How-to-Course. There are 6 different painting courses available that you can start right away.
There are also single demos available, 
Find everything here in the store.


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