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Painting Flowers from Life

Create Color & Shape Harmony

About Painting Light & Shade


Keeping Looseness in, using Brush & Knife

How to Simplify, What to Detail & How to Finish Successfully

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■ How Light Behaves and Painting Light Effects - How to Optimize & Accentuate Light & Liveliness

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■ Which Colors to Include & Leave Out + Mixing Colors + Improving Composition

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►Most Demos Show Painting Florals in Gouache.

►If you are interested in this Course but you are an Oil/Acrylic Painter you will Also benefit a lot from this Course. ►Yet I'd like you to Try Gouache and see its Possibilities!

►See the Examples below: all are painted in Gouache.
►A Most Common Question is "Why do you Paint your Landscapes/Seascapes in Oils and your Florals in Gouache?"

My answer is simple, I can more easily create a beautiful end-results in Florals, using Gouache. 

Because 'Thickness' of strokes doesn't interfere with the color & light situation and simplifying of the shape and floral object. It also dries flat. You can varnish it & frame it as if it were an oil painting, which is Great!

Because we can really 'Play with paint' and Not end up with a muddy piece. We can scrape & fade out, start again, or work in layers. Choose to have a watery surface or a dry one continuously throughout the painting session. I really love it. Below you can read more about my 'Why'!

►The Course also talks about and show the Benefits of this Medium, it also shows Most- (Color, Mixing, Light, Composition, Shape, Depth -Etc- ) Painting Rules apply to all Mediums, and this Course will show you this.

Enjoy Painting Floral Still Lifes

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■ If you love to (start to) Paint Flowers
■ If you want to Learn more about Painting Floral Still Lifes from Life
■ If you are Open to using Gouache Paint, most Demos are about Painting Florals in Gouache
■ If you like the Examples here above which are painted in Gouache
■ If you are an Oil/Acrylic Painter you will also benefit a lot from this Course, yet I'd like you to Try Gouache and see its Possibilities! The contents of this Course will also show you these Benefits!
■ If you do/don't have a DVD Player ■ If you do have a viewing device such as Smart Phone, Tablet, Ipad, Desktop Computer, Laptop, Etc.

Thank you Rose for another fabulous course. Again I learned so much information I can take to heart and mind. Really will help me grow into a better, happier painter.

Wonderful demos, Roos, I loved seeing you do this layered approach, in every part of the painting really. You make me go mentally from "Oh, no...!" to "Aaah, why not?", to "Aah, yes, of course!", in the matter of a few minutes. It's a beautiful painting, and it's humbling to see you dance on the canvas remorselessly

I am certainly being challenged, enjoying it all. Excellent tuition, thank you Roos. 

Gouache: -I’m beginning to love this medium, easy to take along and do small plein air paintings of flowers in nature. A habit I want to take up this summer. Thank you Rose. I learn so much from you in so many ways.

THANK YOU for the wonderful course. I learnt so much. Every part of the course was  so rich with knowledge inspiration and teaching.

It was very interesting how learning gouache also has fed back into my oil painting

I think one of the best things about the course was that I learnt so much about painting and picture making in general.

Frances K.

Floral Still Lifes

Frances K.

Floral Still Lifes

Thanks Roos for another great class. I learned a lot about floral still lifes and a new medium.

Roos...Thank you so much for this wonderful course!! I enjoyed it and learned a lot of new things...ideas & techniques to try...and even developed a liking for using gouache too! 

Love the videos, especially the 3-part demo of the red flower... and all the experimentations you did to arrive at the desired result. It was inspiring...

What a great demonstration of the importance of the background. I realize I need to be more daring in my exploration/experimentation and not be wedded to anything...

Why I love Painting Floral Still Lifes

Creating Floral Still Lifes for me is the most relaxing form of creating art. You might know I'm a Landscape Painter by heart, but re-discovering Still Lifes has been a real joy and a fullfilling way to spend time, playing with paint!

In the picture you can see my favorite place to paint my Florals. Near the water, in the garden and always with enough sunlight. 

Fumbling isn't always Fun

My first tries of the Florals weren't so good, but the thing is to not let go. That's why the first run of this Course was set as a 12-Day Challenge. I think it could be a great idea to designate enough time per week to create Your Floral Still Lifes, as you go through these videos.
Putting the video contents Right into Action!

Happy Painting!

Stick with it, use the Tips I share with you, and get Better & Better end-results. Most of all: Find your quiet place, preferably out of doors, in a garden of some sort, or a quiet room, and love the time you spend, looking at beauty, conveying it into paint and into your Paintings!

Lots of Success! -Roos Schuring








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