Video Demonstrations

For the Beginner Seascape Painter who wants to get better at Painting Seascapes

8 Lessons

A Bitesize Inspiring Mini-Course for the Studio Painter or Outdoor Beginner

+ Extra Videos

Videos to help you Solve Multiple Seascape Painting Problems, to Get more Fearless and to Grow your Confidence in your Process

8 Most Common Problems & 8 Solutions in Painting Seascapes

As a result of many years teaching Painting 'MasterClasses Seascaping on the Beach', I could create a Top 10 of Most Common Problems. And so this Mini Course was born.

Showing you Easy Fixes and Inspires you to get more Fearless in your Experiments in Painting a Seascape. 

Inspiring Others

Most of you can't jump on a plane so easily to fly to the 'other side of the world'. With these Videos you'll be able to get a taste of my MasterClass at the Beach from the comfort of your home. This Course is Excellent for the Beginner Seascape Painter.
These Video Lessons got great Feedback from you. 

An Inspiring Online Painting Course for Painters

In This Course You'll Learn

  • How to Get Natural Sand Color
  • How to Get Natural Sky Colors
  • About Composition
  • Creating Texture in Wet Paint
  • How to Create Atmosphere
  • How to use the Palette Knife in various ways
  • How to Create a Light Effect
  • How to Fix Problems and Test Things out

The Mini Courses have been Maximized! 

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Enjoy this Course Seascape Beginner

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This Course is Right for You If

■ If you love to paint Landscapes or Seascapes and you feel you are a Beginner
■ If you are a Studio Painter ■ if you are a (Beginner) Outdoor Painter
■ If you paint with Oils ■ If you paint with Acrylics
■ If you have a viewing device such as a Smart Phone or Tablet, iPad, Computer or Laptop
■ If you have never / If you are a Beginner in Painting Seascapes 'en plein air'

If you are already creating good seascapes (outdoors) you can also take a look at: 'Mastering Summer Seascapes' this Maxi-course is here


Here Are The Videos Included In This Course:

Thank you so much for these relevant tips, and for sharing your experience!

Thanks, Roos. I love the way you just get on with it! You've inspired me to paint with a big brush and to not get bogged down with detail.

Love these videos and your technique - beautiful

Thanks a lot Roos for these wonderful lessons in video, and for the subtitles. That's easier for me to understand.

Wonderful work. As a Beginner painter, who knows nothing, I loved your lesson on creating the right color for sand. Eager to watch all of your videos.

Thank you so much! great information. I am starting to use my palette knifes more and painting a lot looser.

Excellent very informative

Great video series! Helped me Have courage to make changes and work more painterly. Very liberating.

Thanks Roos for all the inspiration. Very useful tips for better painting. Will use them all.

From Wilmington North Carolina U.S.A. Thank you Roos for your lessons. I look forward to your "can do" approach and will use your methods in my paintings. Again I thank you Roos.

Thanks, Roos. I love the way you just get on with it! You've inspired me to paint with a big brush and to not get bogged down with detail.








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