■ This Course Will Inspire You to Create Great Sun Paintings!

How-to Paint the Sun & Sunrise

Painting the Morning Sky or Evening Sky, Sunrises & Sunsets are so great to Paint!  It's exhilarating and always surprising.

The Videos Can Help you Improve Your Sun Paintings

You'll find Helpful Tips & Tricks in Painting Light & Skies with Sun Effects.
Suited for both INDOOR & OUTDOOR Painters!

Examples, Theory & Tips

This Course answers a lot of questions you've asked me about:
What Colors to use?  Underlayers? How to make a Sun really Shine? How to Integrate Land?

The Process & Solutions

The Demo shows How a Morning Sky can be painted. The 40-Takeaways Video takes you through these Steps and gives lots of Insights, these are also sent in paper format.

About Color, Value, Hue and the need for Greys, about Brushes & Knife, Color Palette and a video about the Outdoor Equipment is also included!


The Mini Courses have been Maximized!  More Videos & Longer Access

2 Years Access to All Videos

Enjoy this Mini-Course Painting The Sun (Sunrise / Sunset)

Start Watching Right Away
Price Currently (one time payment & 2 years access)

€ 129  € 179


This Mini-Course is Right for You

■ If you love to Paint Landscapes & Skies
■ If you are a Studio Painter ■ if you are an Outdoor Painter
■ If you paint with Oils ■ If you paint with Acrylics
■ If you have a viewing device such as a Smart Phone or Tablet, iPad, Computer or Laptop
■ If you want to Learn more about Painting the Sunrise/Sunset/Skies

Thank you! You have inspired me to keep at it and to keep practising

I feel I have improved, at least at portraying the sun. I have really enjoyed this excellent course. 

I appreciate seeing how you work the knife and brush. I don't have much experience with palette knife, so this is fascinating.

Sharon F.

Course Morning Sky

Sharon F.

Course Morning Sky

You are a fantastic teacher and I am definitely going to recommend your classes to others.

Catharine B.

Course Morning Sky

Catharine B.

Course Morning Sky








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