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We're painting Flowers

Spring is the best time to paint flowers. It's a good reason to sit and paint in the garden, being outdoors in the sunshine. We can create a great setting indoors too. It makes you feel fulfilled painting something of beauty.

Plus you'll have lots of paintings created that you can be proud of, and show online. Challenges are great, you get to produce, experiment and develop faster because you're focused more and painting more.

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Paint 20 Florals in 30 Days 

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Although we officially and massively started together on April 5, you can still join, just following your own pace.

This challenge entry will be closed on May 10. Joining this challenge gives you 3 months free access to its contents. We share our work on Insta with the hashtag #30days20 !

With Happy Wishes!
Roos Schuring - April 2020

Here's some of what was said about this Challenge's beginning parts:

Demonstrations & More Teaching

You were asking me about my Floral Course, and yes this is a standalone course.

The Challenge sets you into motion and the Course was created to show you A-Z Demos and offers ideas and instruction to solve more painting problems.


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