€ 375.-

I understand this Course contains 25+ Video Lessons about Painting Summer Seascapes to which I have 2 years of access. I understand I can't get a refund, unless something went wrong.


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Enjoy this Maxi-Course Mastering Summer Seascapes
By Roos Schuring 

3 Modules: 25++ Videos + 2 Years Access + Workbook

€ 375.- EUR

This Course is about the Elements involved in Painting Great Summer Beaches:

  • How to Paint Sunny Sand
  • How to Convey Summer In Sky & Water
  • How to Paint Figures, Kids, Kites, Towels, Parasols

  • How to Intermix these Elements

  • How to Keep the Colors Natural and still Get Sunny End-Results

  • How to Keep the Painting Fresh, have the Looseness Stay using Brush/Knife

  • How to be Bold- More Fearless in Painting
  • How to Experiment and Test for Harmony 
  • How to Improve Your Compositions
    And Much More!

Enjoy this Course using a Computer, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop, and or SmartTV.

What Artists Said About This Course:

I thoroughly enjoyed the class Roos. I learned a lot and I hope to put this new knowledge into practice in the near future. I'm enjoying the freeing and challenging process.

Carol (Cape Nay Point)

I had always learned to mix a color, put it down and leave it alone. I'm becoming less fearful of ruining it and more confident I will improve it if I keep at it. Also the integration of foreground and background colors is great. Good lessons! Thank you!

Cheryl (Collinsville)

Have loved the class.. never used palette knives before and still learning to paint in oils. Rose..you're an outstanding teacher...your class format is superb.. have loved the posts from others in the class.

Eleanor (Midlothian)

Thank you Roos for putting together a great workshop! I learned so much from your feedback very helpful !

Elizabeth (Sea Isle City)

I learned a lot and I loved the course. You were very generous in giving us your tools and knowledge. This is the best course I have ever had in my life, no kidding!

Hans (Repentigny)

I have learned so much and really appreciate all your time. It's so nice to see progress and am looking forward to the next module.

Yolande (Camarillo)

Think I am more comfortable with putting figures in my seascapes now. Will definitely do more!

Shinhuey (La Romaine)

I have learned a great deal from your two courses and intend to incorporate your way of seeing light into my own work.

Sharon (Matthews)

Trying the big brushes and using 'controlled fearlessness' -- takes me out of my comfort zone but worth it!!

Sunny (San Diego)

I’ve been having so much fun heading to the beach almost every day to paint. Thank you so much for all the instruction, it was life changing!

Kathy (Manhattan Beach)