Painting #79 + 12.- Shipping

♦ 79. SSU11-2023 Seascape Sunset - A Rainy Day Gift 20x25 cm | 8x10" - 250.- EUR Oils/Panel | Roos Schuring 2023


■ Floater frame included: OPTION A

You can see the painting without a frame is 250.-, plus shipping 12, and I've decided to frame all in a floater frame that I can sell with it at cost price, 20.- This makes the total of 282.-

What is 282 EUR converted to US Dollars? On JUNE 20 it's 308 USD.

- This floater frame is simple, beautiful, silver-bronze wood. (Below a close-up.) It arrives ready to hang!

- NO FRAME OPTION: If you REALLY don't want it in any kind of frame email me so I can refund you the 20 afterwards.

■ Golden? OPTION B

You can also choose a wider golden frame as shown below. It's an expensive Italian frame, then it's plus this cost difference, and this makes a bigger package and increased shipping costs, then it's plus 75.- You can checkmark this option in the checkout fields.


The floater frame is beautiful and fits the florals, landscapes and seascapes very well. It's silver/bronze, here you can see a close-up.


€ 282.-


If you choose to add this frame: it's 75.- extra.