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♦ 164. SSP03-2024 Sunny Morning - Saturated View Shore 24x30 cm | 9.6x11.8" - 675.- EUR Oils/Panel | Roos Schuring 2024

Price & Frame Info

- The midsize paintings have been made cheaper (as an experiment) in 2024. I've gone back to the price that I used 10 years ago. 850.- to 675.-

- What has changed: you can order a frame of choice to go with it, or not.
- The painting is shipped in a simple small frame if you do not pick this extra frame option. 

Thanks for being interested!

A Frame of choice: 4 choices.

A thicker frame also increases the cost of shipping for me.
So in this additional 100.- you get a good deal, a frame usually is around 90.- and shipping increases to 25-45.-

NOTE: you do NOT have to checkmark this extra frame option. You will get a very simple frame around it so you can hang it on your wall.
BUT, a good frame could look better. And you can also get one somewhere else. It's just an option you have. 

What is 675 EUR to USD?
The conversion on 05/30/2024 is 731 USD. Check current conversions to know exact.


€ 675.-

- Checkmark this option if you want any of the 4 wider frames (see image on the page) to come with the painting. - This is 100.- for the frame + increased shipping costs because of package size.
- Then reply to the confirmation email to mention the frame (number) you want. Thanks!