A PORTRAIT FROM LIFE € 750.- child or adult - half


📎 Here you can pay half. First half before start, second half after seeing and 'okaying' the portrait and before shipping or receiving.

📎 In general, these prices are for one person per one canvas.📎 It's head shoulders, on a fixed size, this is either 24x30 cm (child) or 30x34 cm (adult), converted this is 9.6x11.8" (child) or slightly bigger 11.8x13.4" (adult).📎 Portraits are dried, varnished and framed in a 'warm champagne silver' frame and shipped free worldwide.  

📎 If the portrait is a gift: Calculate drying time (=5 days at minimum) and shipping time (example: U.S. +10 days = 15 days) into ordering a portrait or setting a portrait date.