4 Modules - 48 Videos

How to increase revenue from art and art products? How to play the 'attention getting game' best? How can we optimise all parts we control? How can we avoid 'money-blocking' problems we might create ourselves? This is a 120-Day Art Business Program That Teaches All You Need to Create and Optimise to Have A Better Art Business Making Bigger Results.

A Course by Roos Schuring


Your Access to all video material lasts for 3 years.
This Course Teaches the How-to Parts in 4 Modules that you can consume in your own time, though you'll be motivated to go through this and implement all ideas within the 120 Days!


This Course Teaches These How-to Parts in 4 Modules 

HOW TO ■ Optimise Your Imagery, Titling and Inventory

HOW TO ■ Optimise All First impressions, optimise all Branding and ■ Your Website

HOW TO ■ Create A Web Shop That Does Sell While You Sleep

HOW TO ■ Attract More Students & Collectors

HOW TO ■ Create New Must-Have Products

HOW TO ■ WOW Your Buyers and Collectors

HOW TO ■ Create Special Promotions

HOW TO ■ Use Call To Actions and ■ Ask For Sales Without Annoying Your Audience

HOW TO ■ Create a Newsletter People Want to Open and Read

HOW TO ■ Collecting Email Subscribers Faster

HOW TO ■ Be Blogging The Right Way (Creating Conversions)

HOW TO ■ Do Social- The Right Way (Creating Conversions)

HOW TO ■ Pricing Strategies

HOW TO ■ Art Marketing Strategies

HOW TO ■ Social Strategies

HOW TO ■ Understand and Use the Numbers

HOW TO ■ Make Use of Video to Maximise all Growth and Impact

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