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I understand I get 3 years of access to all video material. I can't get a refund, unless something went wrong.


Enjoy this Maxi-Course Painting Flowers By Roos Schuring 

20+ Videos + 3 Years Access

€ 375.- EUR


Painting Flower Paintings
Lots of Videos, Demonstrations and Teaching - 3 years access


♦ About Creating Lively Floral Still Lifes from Life. 

Painting Demos show How I paint Floral Still Lifes using Gouache, you'll Learn Why this Medium works so well in Creating Lively & Fascinating end-results.
♦ Painting Demos show How I paint Floral Still Lifes using Oils. If you want to use Acrylics you will also benefit a lot from this Course. The same ideas apply.

♦ A-Z Demos, and Demos About Painting Light & Light Effects,

♦ About Creating Color & Shape Harmony, 

♦ Videos about Fixing Common Problems, 

♦ About Improving Composition & the Improving End-results, 

♦ Helpful Tips & Theory is Included. A Lot of Problem Solving Videos that help you see your paintings in a different light!
A big important part in my teaching.

♦ This Course includes 2 years of access to the training videos inside 'Painting Floral Still Lifes'.



What Artists Are Saying:

Enjoying it all. Excellent tuition, thank you Roos.

Sue C.

Wonderful demos, Roos, I loved seeing you do this layered approach, in every part of the painting really. You make me go mentally from "Oh, no...!" to "Aaah, why not?", to "Aah, yes, of course!", in the matter of a few minutes. It's a beautiful painting, and it's humbling to see you dance on the canvas remorselessly.

Katia C.

What a great demonstration of the importance of the background. I realize I need to be more daring in my exploration/experimentation and not be wedded to anything....it looks fun.

Gail T.

(About Gouache:) -I’m beginning to love this medium, easy to take along and do small plein air paintings of flowers in nature. A habit I want to take up this summer. Thank you Rose. I learn so much from you in so many ways.

Carol H.

Thank you Rose for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I learn so much from you with each course. This has been quite challenging to work in gouache. I was going to call it quits and rely on my oils but the point is to challenge myself. So even if I keep struggling I am going to continue exploring until I get comfortable with this medium. You have shown me through example, it is possible!

Jean C.

This has been a fun workshop... Thank You Roos!!

Leslie M.

I have learned a lot and know that there is still much to learn. I like the way you teach, share you wealth of knowledge and encourage us.

Susan C.

Thanks Roos for another great class. I learned a lot about floral still lifes and a new medium.

Liz A.

Roos, thanks for your class, it was FABULOUS!!

Birgit A.

Thank you Rose for another fabulous course. Again I learned so much information I can take to heart and mind. Really will help me grow into a better, happier painter.

Carol K.

Roos...Thank you so much for this wonderful course!! I enjoyed it and learned a lot of new things...ideas & techniques to try...and even developed a liking for using gouache too! Love the videos, especially the 3-part demo of the red flower... and all the experimentations you did to arrive at the desired result. It was inspiring...

Gee J.

Thank you again so much for sharing so generously your knowledge and experience You are a great inspiration!

Frances K.