7. Orange & Green


I think one can paint a lot of the same subjects and not get tired of it.
But there is so much to choose from.
I think this practice will translate to changes in my landscapes logically too. We can sometimes think our efforts are wasted time, but no, it all adds up.
Plus: the most important thing is: How do you feel when painting? Isn't this reason enough to paint more?
And if your answer was "I do not feel good when painting 70% of the time" then you'll need to change HOW you paint to MAKE IT enjoyable 100% of the time.
People forget they are free to change everything. Make it suit you. 

7. Orange & Green 17x22cm | 6.7x8.7"
Oils/panel, Roos Schuring, 2023
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I also like to work on flat laying paintings, you do not need the easel. Though I do stand which might help in keeping to take distance to the work.



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