38. Crocus

24 Hours.

Crocuses won't last long. If you pick them you probably have to paint them the same day to make sure it looks fresh. The warmer the room, the wider it opens, and of course, under a spotlight (or grow light) this happens as well.

I found the smaller ones performing a bit better. The bigger crocuses might open too wide, losing the characteristic shape. In between closed and opened you'll get the best view for a painting I think.

You'll find that this flower changes while you look at it; similar to tulips (under light).
This painting shows the love I have for these flowers.

(Don't they all?) Yes, if you do not love your subject you probably can't paint it. (Follow your fascinations! And when the well dries you just move on.)

38. Crocus 17x23cm | 6.5x9"
Oils/panel, Roos Schuring, 2023
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