37. Tulip Parakeet


Look what I found in the flower store, a parakeet tulip! (Famous in the 17th century here.)

That's special and I am still waiting for it to fully open, showing petals with red stripes on as well. 

Here I again use the dark background and a light from the side to create a new effect.  The tulip changed and shifted while painting but got it on the canvas.
It's never a '1 and done' thing, this smells of more. This invites more ideas. I hope it lives on and opens more so I can paint it again. Perhaps in natural light or in the backlight place or with a spotlight on a lighter background. More, more, more!

37. Tulip Parakeet 18x23 cm | 7x9"
Oils/panel, Roos Schuring, 2023
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(Update: it seems it did not-is not going to open. :(  It's always a gamble. And postponing to paint a living object is never smart .. )

PS. Don't think by seeing the photo "1,2,3,4" that painting is easy (for me). It never is and I think it cannot be easy for anybody : ) Just to be transparent.
It is HOWEVER important to Say Yes to the difficulty. And to see it all as puzzles. That you CAN solve the one day. And Not the other. It's a given!
Just change your mindset to have more fun in the process.


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