36. Iris


I created a dark setting to paint this purple Iris in, I might do it again as the idea was to have the purple come near to this dark background, and having the yellow light up as eyes.
In the spotlight the purple-blue turned more to the red side, whereas I wanted to paint blue.

Colored flowers always give this quest/question: is the color for the shadow area more to the red or more to the blue? Similar with red roses: is the shadow containing more or less yellow/red? And I haven't yet found the 1 rule to rule them all: it could be many different effects, many different shadow colors or light colors.
For example: a red tulip might give a more pink petal in light, but if the light shines through it becomes more orange. ---- Anyways, rambling on.

The solution to all of these questions is always: to "just" paint what you SEE.  Then you cannot go wrong.  Plus: see each painting as an experiment, with every painting you can test out a different road or theory. 

36. Iris 18x23 cm | 7x9"
Oils/panel, Roos Schuring, 2023
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