34. Crocus

Pick & Paint.

When you pick a crocus outside and you put it in water it will only live for a few days. And the light will open the petals and it will change in front of your eyes. 

Outside, too much rain will wash them away. So when it's crocus season you'll have to make it count: pick one every few days to paint more of them. (Today March 11/ I will see if I can find the big white ones still, if yes that'll be on the top of the to paint list). The yellow ones I have never painted before and the purple ones I only found tiny ones of. 

There is something about those white crocuses. It's a serene flower and I love their dark cadmium stem inside.

34. Crocus 17x23cm | 6.5x9"
Oils/panel, Roos Schuring, 2023
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