31. Blue Hyacinth

Value Comparison.

I think I made a tiny mistake by having the glass-shadow so dark and it not returning anywhere else. Yes. We can be paying attention and still overlook these simple facts. 
I had the vase/jar on a darker background and so I was fooled.

It's important you look at these things after you've painted it. Taking the photo, and especially in editing the photo you can draw such conclusions that will help you be 'wiser' next time around.

See how it's a continuous evaluation that is the red-thread in such projects or bodies of work!
That's how you can be your own teacher. 

All those tints of blue! Great to 'smack m all together' using these all, just intuitively. Because you see these. A lit edge of 'blues' and the center more in a backlight-warmer variation of 'purples'.

31. Blue Hyacinth 18x23 cm | 7x9"
Oils/panel, Roos Schuring, 2023
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