14. Amaryllis


How sunny color choices have such an impact! Of course, a natural palette is as nice as a saturated one, in this case, it's a combination, but because the naturals are light it's still such a bright and happy painting.

You can focus on beauty! Instead of focussing on what's wrong (in the world). And though it's good to wake up, it's NOT GOOD to stay depressed because of new found truths.
Because, it's all distracting you from YOU. Quantum of Conscience (find on yt) is I think the best in explaining this.
If you want to add to a better world, yes, start with the one in the mirrorđź’•
Are you doing (in your life) what you came here to do?
Are you following your dreams? Are you spending your time the way you want to spend it?
Or, are you trapped in a job you hate?
Surrounded by people you do not like?

Change it!

14. Amaryllis 17x22cm | 6.7x8.7"
Oils/panel, Roos Schuring, 2023
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I don't always use the easel to put the panel on. Having it flat works sometimes better. If I would be working with gouache I also would paint it laying flat.





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