13. Amaryllis

Big Flowers.

Big flowers can be great to paint, the Amaryllis, you can paint it as it is, with the big 3 flowers on a long stem, fitting a big canvas, or you take for example one flower off for a small vase and a smaller canvas.

I often paint in 95/100-110% of the 'actual size' when it comes to these living stillifes. 
Never in 'miniature'. Just for 'staying power', meaning, on a wall it stays 'impressive'.
This is also how most portraits are painted. Between 90-110%.
As an example, if you paint grapes, open, seeing the seeds, it might be stunning to see it really well, up close, and from a distance, painted in a slight increased percentage. This will work best.

Also, if you go small, your brushes prob need to get smaller also. Find your way in this, it's about the ratio: brush vs canvas size and the ratio: subject size/brush and canvas size. Choose what suits you and/or experiment.

13. Amaryllis 18x24cm | 7x9.5"
Oils/panel, Roos Schuring, 2023
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